Environmental Responsibility is our business at Eagle Battery. From buying spent batteries to selling reconditioned batteries, we have a solution to fit your needs.


Eagle Battery was founded in 2002 to capture ‘core’ or ‘spent’ lead-acid batteries for reprocessing and recycling. For the past decade, Eagle Battery has provided this battery recycling service to hundreds of customers across the United States, becoming an industry leader of lead-acid battery recycling and battery reconditioning in the United States. Our mission is to provide an experience that creates lasting customer relationships through incomparable communication and unsurpassed customer service, as well as expedited payment for all transactions. Eagle Battery is a financially strong and stable company that has experienced extremely rapid growth over the last ten years, allowing us to guarantee exceedingly fast turn-around of payment for lead acid batteries we purchase to be reprocessed and recycled.

The process by which lead-acid batteries are collected and recycled is heavily regulated by two major government agencies: the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT). The EPA has strict regulations regarding the proper disposal of lead-acid batteries, which our company devoutly adheres to. Eagle Battery, upon request, can provide any and all necessary documentation to confirm that its business practices remain in compliance with these state and federal regulations. We also follow the rules and regulations set by the DOT regarding the shipping and transporting of the batteries to be recycled and educate every customer of the proper method for packing spent batteries to be collected.

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Lead-acid batteries require a specific method of disposal to remain in compliance with EPA regulations. At Eagle Battery, we will buy those spent batteries from you and assure that your spent batteries are disposed of properly.


Environmental Responsibility

It is our goal to take a used or spent battery and make it perform and look as close to new as possible! By purchasing spent batteries and turning them into reconditioned batteries, we are able to keep costs low while protecting our environment.

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When purchasing lead acid batteries, Eagle Battery provides high quality reconditioned batteries at great prices. All reconditioned batteries have been thoroughly tested to guarantee each battery is at maximum performance.