Disposal of Lead Acid batteries requires federally regulated procedures to be strictly followed. Eagle Battery has created this battery purchasing service to provide an environmentally responsible method for its customers to dispose of spent lead acid batteries. Eagle Battery calls on customers throughout the United States in an attempt to locate businesses and individuals with spent lead acid batteries which need to be collected and processed.


1. Quote

The Battery Reprocessing begins by contacting us at Eagle Battery to discuss your location and the scope of the sale, including the quantity of lead acid batteries to be arranged for pick up. Once the necessary information has been gathered, our Purchasing Agent will provide you with a quote for purchasing your batteries.


2. Schedule Pickup

Once the quote has been approved and the purchase price agreed upon, each customer is provided with a dedicated Logistics Team Member who schedules the pickup of the spent lead acid batteries. There are proper and improper methods for packing the lead acid batteries for shipping. Please Click Here for instructions on the proper packaging of lead acid batteries.


3. Ship

The lead acid batteries are picked up in a DOT approved fashion and delivered to compliant smelters across the nation, to satisfy its customer’s environmental needs. The Logistics Team Member will track the shipment through the entire process. Eagle Battery understands the importance of staying up to date with the most current EPA Regulations and they continue to educate their employees and customers with this information.


4. Get Paid

Once the dedicated Logistics Team Member is notified that the shipment has been received successfully, Eagle Battery will issue payment to the customer. Due to the rapid growth and success of this environmental protection service, Eagle Battery has experienced tremendous financial stability that provides us the opportunity to guarantee rapid payment to every customer once the batteries are received at the specified reprocessing location.