Eagle Battery was founded in 2002, with a vision that we could provide a service to both businesses and consumers whereby we collect and purchase used, or ‘spent’, lead acid batteries to be reprocessed for reconditioning and recycled in EPA compliant smelters. We saw a niche market that not only seemed to be a viable business, but also afforded us the opportunity to contribute to the protection of our environment, as well as the growth and improvement of our communities. Lead-acid battery disposal has become the most successful recycling program in the United States, due to the fact that 97% of lead-acid battery materials can be recycled or reconditioned for reuse. With this in mind, we created a business model that would allow us to collect spent lead-acid batteries from customers across the U.S. in just about any quantity, from single skids to full truck loads. Once we receive the used batteries, they are put through a reprocessing procedure that determines which batteries can be reconditioned to re-sell and which batteries need to be sent to an approved smelter facility where nearly every part of the battery can be recycled; allowing the recycled materials to be re-entered into the manufacturing of new batteries.


Reconditioning Division

Eagle Battery is one of the country’s largest sellers of reconditioned lead acid batteries, selling skid quantities to truck loads throughout North America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Each battery goes through a series of tests before being entered into the reconditioning process, including testing its charge multiple times and cleaning the battery, among other tests required to meet Eagle Battery’s standards. Anything that cannot be reconditioned is shipped to a smelter for recycling; and the reconditioning process takes up to one week to complete. When purchasing batteries from Eagle Battery, customers have the option of having the batteries shipped with the Eagle Battery brand label or unlabeled, and all batteries are warrantied.